Make sure you verify the purchases your about to make. CALL ME


Come on in and check out my store. I have every kind of special ocassion dress at prices you can afford. Don't buy a dress anywere else until you have checked out my dresses. Nobody can beat my prices. I GUARANTEE IT!  


One Size does not fit all

Don't worry if your dress doesn't fit perfect cause before you leave I will have you finished and fit to a tee. In other words you will look perfect.



Once you have the dress of your dreams now its time to add other items to acceniate that dress on your body. Shoes, Jewelry undergarments & more.


I carry over 50 different designer gowns and dresses. I also have my own line "Azure Bridal Designs". So if you want the look that nobody else has, you need to see me.




When chosing a dress or evening gown besides, the design and the fit, color coordinating is paramount to setting the tone for your total look. Don't be fooled by other opinions, stick to colors that reflect your natural beauty.


Online Purchasing.

Here are three hints that your in the wrong place when buying online. 1) If you can't talk to a live person, 2) If there is no phone number on there website, 3) If there is no return policy noted. You will regret it. I guarantee it!



Remember, that opinions are like noses, everyone has one. Don't let everyone ideas cloud what you want to look like. The only thing that matters is what your opinion of what the dress looks like on you.


Hair & Makeup

Don't take short cuts with your hair or makeup. If you are not an expert at those items spend the money to get it done right! Afterall, you want to be a Princess don't you? Then do it right and look like one! You won't regret it. I guarantee it!

Online Dress Purchasing

This is an example of what you can get at my shop. Any Color, Any Style, Any Brand AND at a price you can afford. Why take a chance on getting something your going to hate. Come in and see me you won't regret it! I guarantee it!

This is an example of what you will get when you buy sight unseen on the internet. A Senior hoping to get a great buy on a fantastic prom dress, got this in the mail. She still crys when she thinks of the experience when she first got this in the mail. Needless to say, she thought she was getting her dream dress, when in fact she got  a nightmare dress. Take my advice buy local and try it on and "MAKE SURE" it is the dress of your dreams.


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