My Story


Twenty Five years ago I began the journey of owning my own business. Being from a small town I really did not think that I could pull off running a strong & growing business, but with a lot of persistence and tenacity, from my home, it began. My skill is simply this "I LOVE PEOPLE" and I love to serve people. Fashion has always been a passion of mine as a young girl and when you blend the two together something special happens. If you want the wedding of your dreams or the dress to die for, than you need to come and see me....... You won't be disappointed!!!

    I GUARANTEE IT.       Nina, still going strong.

Wedding Gowns or Party Dresses

Whether you are getting hitched or going out on the town I've got just the right dress. And, it's affordable..... I GUARANTEE IT!!!


Don't waste you valuable time running from store to store. Stop it! One Stop that's all.


              AZURE FORMAL WEAR


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Call 509-558-1225

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