When are you girls going to get a clue

When are you girls going to get a clue. You want the sky but can't afford it. Then miracles of all miracles, you find the dream dress on line for pennies on the dollar. Hip Hip Horay, you then pull out your credit card and spend away, expecting the dream dress in a box and delivered to your door. No fuss, and look when you get the package and run to your room to open that dream dress you not only find, a disasterous dress, but something you wouldn't wear to a costume party. OKAY don't panic, it's probably just a mistake. I'll call them and as you look up there phone number on there web site, you discover there is nons. No worries, I'll just email them. Three weeks later no email back and your prom or special ocassion is coming up soon, in despair you start calling seamstresses or special ocassion shops and unfortunately another 2-300 dollars later you now have your dream dress. Oh and at least your ready for that costume party.

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